pardon pour du riz vivant

Baptiste Brunello et l’Ensemble Rue du Nord 01-09.10.15 Une performance qui est un concert, qui désagrège ce concert et qui donne voix à un livre de recettes de riz, Pardon pour du riz. Comme soudain possédés ou téléguidés, les musiciens lâcheront parfois leur rôle dans cette cérémonie du riz à la musique répétitive et lancinante,… Poursuivre la lecture de pardon pour du riz vivant

no access

10-11.10.15 Performances dans le cadre du week-end des portes ouvertes des ateliers d’artistes à Genève. Maya Minder, Say These Names Nathalie Stirnimann & Stefan Stojanovic, You were 4, I was 7 Romain Grateau, À Madame Péricard, qui a la chance de vivre entourée de beaux objets


Coline Mir 11.10-11.11.15 Miami is based on one shot interview with the manager of a strip club, which is actually called Miami. First we thought that the place was called that way because of the American city. But it’s actually because  « miami » also means « you love me » in Italian.  

political island

Duke Choi 14-20.11.15 Introduction to five-year-long research practice stemming from genealogy, archived documents, a 5-channel monitor installation of various videos and drawings.  

Geneva international radio

Lap Top Radio 03.12.15 Listen to music and sounds from each participant’s hometown or country! Thematically, this project focuses on the idea of the expat and local in Geneva. It celebrates and even critically touches on the multi-cultural quality that Geneva has, as contributors were encouraged to research into the history and reasoning behind Geneva… Poursuivre la lecture de Geneva international radio

solution night

CUSS GROUP 08-31.12.15 Daily life is a space of intense contradiction. The promise of infinite self-actualisation and attainable dreams runs alongside the constant coverage of violence and panic. People are constantly told they can become and achieve anything while seeing evidence of the depths humanity can sink too. The latest fashions and music next to… Poursuivre la lecture de solution night


06-18.01.16 Dans le hors champ de ce silence sont des proches qui aujourd’hui croupissent en taule, les images ne peuvent plus cacher les tensions, ni faire oublier les visages comme ces caresses de tyrans qui forcent au silence.  


MACACO PRESS avec la participation de Luan Banzai et Peter Schreuder 05-13.02.16   *arguments contre le bon sens, book launch en collaboration avec le CIRA – Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme  

vagina tutorial 2.0

a proposal by Yael Wicki 14-22.02.16 A beginning is always an end and we are within, looking outside of the window. Commodified celebrations within the culture of means are rituals of beginnings and ends. This is a blind date collaboration form the point of view of the egg. This is a blind date collaboration form… Poursuivre la lecture de vagina tutorial 2.0

I have never happened

Judit Kis curated by Viola Lukacs for VIOLUK Contemporary 24.02-05.03.16 You know, you kept me thinking all day. I haven’t spoken to anyone for months and I barely know you and I already need to talk to you… And there’s something the more I think about the less I understand: why the hell did you… Poursuivre la lecture de I have never happened