TOPIC on Saturday 28th of July, 9PM

BARE-TT is a multicellular entity expanding in multiple dimensions.

Through their music and sound work merging warped field recordings with altered voices, drum machines and synths – they aim at creating a soundscape which oscillates between the micro and the macro, narrating the possibilities of a symbiotic regeneration, attuned to (organic) processes of metamorphosis.

For their concert at TOPIC, they will tell their narrative universe through a live performance and mutant scenography that build on different temporalities, and impact the space in which they occur by feeding back the sound sources and transforming their nature.

BARE-TT generates an organic architecture, porous and translucent in which the skin melts with the clothes, and the limbs morph into props.

Costumes by HI BYE
Composition: Katia Barrett et Melissa Tun Tun