Sometimes the student sits and thinks. Sometimes he just sits!

Mandarava Bricaire

with the participation of Reto Crameri, Ana Raquel Ermida Gomes, Emmanuelle Esmail-Zavieh, Camille Kaiser, Vicente Lesser, Vincent Locatelli, Coline Mir, Diego Orihuela, Camilla Paolino, Reto Schenker, Colin Raynal, Valentin Rotelli, Steve, Luca Veuillet, Alexandre Wolhoff.


The chair is the extension of a specific relationship to yourself, it is a surrogate of a social identity, for this reason we could say that for many hours of the day you are sitting on yourselves. I invite you to celebrate the loss of your temporary identity of student or worker or thinker! We have wood, we have tools, come build your own chair! And on Sunday, come just to sit back and relax!

The Chair


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